-what is the meaning of life?

-what is the meaning of life?
The answer to this question is in a form of another...and nothing further...here goes:
-how long is a piece of string?

Beside that nada...pain is lied about toi kids cause parent often cant stand that they forced another being into this pain. Many haven a clue living fantasies like religion or drugs (not the productive know-your-self way but aaww im a bad ass killer moron lets go forfill the prohpesy they taught me since 0,3 on the GREAT TEEEWEEE...)

Were is the idea that there should be a meaning of life coming from...some parts of your life were your pain is handleble dont wait but live! They with there deathcult have us all to see life as 'later'.

-on friday

-on payday

-on the vacation

on the hollywhateverday

in retireing

-in paradise

the fools, the mean stupid fools...we are here now and the rich ppl in EU USA et cetera would still be burning wise women if not critical thinking and scientific method had come out of the renaisance...those who have succeded most also did away with the catholic stuff-the reformation. Now all that 'beliving' or 'faith' either must deliver something more than those text from the early times of man (nooo those texts are NOT historytext...NOT)

But now we need grown ups. If anyone can sum up something super powerful..this is the time...i wont wait cause no one can...'how do you know that?' I just look over a thing called cause and consequence...and to think critical are NOT a negative thing-easy to be fooled at this-it a way to get truthful matrial but foolproof.

-what is the meaning of life?


-how long is a piece of sring?

well...Its clear to me   =D



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