C H I S E L S - pieces of many sources S=Simpsons=the source AND Inside The Actors Studio - The Cast of the Simpsons


chisel-S ONE

the backseat of my car

could buy all kinds of

rules a little

good to me.


chisel-S TWO

freeze everything

give me no sign

must protect the

sweet pity.


chisel-S THREE

you'd step over your own

lie and one

nice normal family

was young, I wanted an electric

football machine.


chisel-S FOUR

day of my life goodnight

in the hands of men no smarter than

say... This stinks

my way long enough


chisel-S FIVE

your best and your

pagans where I don't know

too damned expensive these days

Except this guy


chisel-S SIX

juggle a pregnant wife and

believe it! Reading and writing

People die all the time, just like that

They just plain sucked!




Inside The Actors Studio - The Cast of the Simpsons 


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